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  • Leonie van Hest

You are what you believe you are.

If you are inclined to dominantly think positive thoughts, your body will love you for it.

Thoughts are real forces and everything that is sent out into the Universe comes back like a boomerang to you.

For instance words like “I am a good mother, I am an excellent athlete, I accomplish everything I put my mind to”

So make sure your thoughts, especially the ones about yourself are positive!

Your mind believes what it hears and your body does what you tell it to do…

But if you are inclined to dominantly think negative thoughts about yourself, your body believes it too

“I cannot do this; I always make mistakes; I get the flu every winter”

Negative thoughts developed over years won’t change overnight though

You need to consciously listen to your self-talk and and if it’s negative, remind yourself that what you believe you are!

This will take some time but be patient with yourself and persevere!

It won’t be easy but definitely worth it. Leonie :-)


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