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  • Leonie van Hest

Don't compare yourself to others

Don’t underestimate your self worth by comparing yourself to others

The only competition you have to deal with is: You!

The desire to be like someone else is not only underestimating your own self worth but it truly is a waste of time and instead of creating satisfaction, it will leave you with a restless feeling.

Accept that there will always be people who work in positions you would like to be in; or accumulate more money than you; are the centre of every party or never seem to gain weight…

Don’t waste your time comparing yourself to them. Use your energy more wisely by understanding that the only person you need to compete with is you and you achieve this by working on yourself!

Not by trying to be the same as someone else but trying to think differently about yourself!

Is your self talk mainly negative…Start being more aware of your thoughts and change them into more positive ones

Is your mindset programmed to think in lack then start thinking in abundance

And my own personal number one goal is to start and end every day with gratitude

This will help you focus on all good things in your life and this high vibrational energy you are creating for yourself attracts more to be grateful for!

That is using your energy wisely!


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