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 "You are an inspiration to us all Leonie" - Helen Petherick
"So inspirational Leonie, amazing words" - Emma Grace
"Got this book in the mail today: Probably the best book I have read!
A must for everyone who wants to live a happier life!" - Polly Stringer


In "Traveling Light: How Your Thoughts Can Ease Your Life’s Journey” (published by Balboa Press AU), author Leonie van Hest explains how a people can shake off negative thoughts and emotions, like worry, fear, anger, guilt or lack of self-love and begin to think in terms of faith, letting go, kindness, forgiveness and self-acceptance. 


"Years of negative thinking can make an imprint on our subconscious mind that we are not good enough, “ van Hest says. “If repetitive negative thinking can create a negative self-belief, then so can repetitive positive thinking create a positive belief system.  Subsequently from that state of mind you can ‘be’ a traveling light by shining bright on the often dark path of others, and make a little contribution to a better world.”


An excerpt from "Traveling Light”

Teach yourself to change your thinking from accusing, blaming or criticising others for the situation you are in, into "owing” up to it.  Think what you are going to do about it, while looking for the silver lining.  Blaming others is giving your power away! Taking responsibility is accepting a situation and believing you have a choice. 

Radio Interview 


Listen to Leonie van Hest - Interview with Hay House Radio  March 2016

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