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  • Leonie van Hest

Think Positive, especially about yourself!

Fundamentally there are no problems in the world if it wasn’t for the fact that we create them ourselves through our worries and our self doubt.

Positive people always start with positive thoughts first and then things get better. That’s law. The Universe responds to what we give out. Not the other way around.

Are you too critical of yourself? Do you put limitations on your own abilities?

Think for a moment how you would like to see yourself; create a positive affirmation e.g. “I am a self-loving and kind person” or “I can do anything I put my mind to “or “ I am the kind of person who easily manages life challenges”.

Believe what you tell yourself and repeat these words often during the day.

What you think you will become! Talk small and powerful words about the way you want to be but talk in the present tense as if you have already achieved it.

When we have repeatedly talked ourselves down for many years, we have created a negative self-image of ourselves and often have started believing this negative self talk.

Now it’s time to do the exact opposite and change the repetitive negative affirmations about ourselves with positive ones and we will slowly begin to feel and treat ourselves better.

“ You are amazing”


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