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  • Leonie van Hest

Love has no conditions

True love is loving the people who are closest to our heart without a list of conditions…With warts and all so to say

And the other way around;

The people who truly love us, love us regardless

We cannot make people love us and we should not try to be somebody that we are not,

in order for someone else to love us

We should not have to change to who we are not, to meet the expectations of others

That is not part of our responsibility

That is not our job…

Our job is to find our truest version of ourselves and be that person

The people who truly love you will not expect you to change into a person that they would like you to be

Unknowingly we are often inviting others to treat us how we treat ourselves

It is our responsibility to work on approving, accepting, respecting and loving the person we are, and the people who cross our life will subsequently do the same ❤️


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