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  • Leonie van Hest

We are responsible for our own happiness

This means that the hurt or uneasiness we sometimes feel might have been caused by others but the responsibility of being happy lies with us!

Why are we then often blaming others for all kind of things that are going wrong in our life…?

Because we haven’t fully understood the concept that by blaming we are giving away the power for our happiness to someone else.

Being happy is in the first place an inside job and blaming outsiders or outside circumstances might be easier because we don’t have to look inside ourselves but the bottom line is that, there is, where the healing starts; In our mind and our heart, not in the hands of others.

Running away from uncomfortable feelings is putting of your responsibility to a happier life.

Emotions of fear, anxiety or stress would sooner or later surface again if we don’t personally address them

But we could learn to face these feelings and work towards replacing anxiety with peace of mind; fear with trust and stress with calmness; slowly growing spiritually into the best version of ourselves.


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