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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How long is a healing session?

A: A typical healing session is about an hour


Q: Do you talk during the session?

A: If a client comes with an existing problem like pain, anxiety, fear or depletion that they desire a healing for I start the session with a short counseling to determine where the dis-ease originate from and finish discussing some ‘homework’, like practicing positive affirmation or breathing techniques. If someone just wants a healing for the relaxing effect, it has then there is little talk. Different healers have different routines but usually there is no talking during the energy healing itself.


Q: How effective is a distant healing?

A: Energy healings can be administered even from a different space and still be very powerful


Q: What can you expect during a healing session?

A: Some people feel the effect immediately during or after the healing, others feel nothing but that doesn’t mean that the healing didn’t take place. Trust that your experience is exactly what it needs to be on that day since the healer also trusts to be guided where healing is needed. Common feelings during the session can be tingling, warmth, relaxation and sometimes even tears.


Q: Does energy healing require touching?

A: No, the hands hover over the body and the energy fields of the body. There is about 10 cm between the hands and the body. You are fully clothed and are usually offered a blanket for comfort. A tap on the shoulder to indicate the end of the session is appropriate.


Q: What are the costs of an energy healing?

A: This may differ from practitioner to practitioner, but you can expect anything between $75 and a few hundred. I charge $120 and this is for a short counseling, an energy healing, and a copy of my book. ‘Traveling Light’

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